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Part two of Robert Greenwald’s impeachment video:

more at http://impeachgonzales.org/

Peace & solidarity,


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I am introducing a new feature that is called:

Big Dooker of the Week

This feature will feature a person in the news who is deserving of the title of Big Dooker .

The winner of this title will be decided by the impartial staff of Corner House Comments. Suggestions are always welcome.

The name Big Dooker comes from my grandson who was describing-well, let me put this delicately-one of his recent bowel movements.


There are so many deserving candidates to choose from but this weeks honoree is:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales




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No,  I’m not talking about the now cancelled show that stroked Donald trump’s ego. That is what we the people should be saying to Alberto Gonzales. The Attorney General has no credibility left, if he ever had any.

Robert Greenwald and his team at Brave New Films has produced a short video that  everyone should see.  I agree that impeachment proceedings should be brought against Gonzales. DailyKos has some good comments.  Hell, I think the whole lot should be impeached(Bush, Cheney, Rice).

See the video here: http://impeachgonzales.org/   and sign the petition or watch it in CHC Theater on the right.

Peace & solidarity


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