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This week, the U.S. Senate took an historic vote and passed (75-22) the Webb-Hagel 21st Century GI Bill. The GI Bill passed the House of Representatives earlier this month so now once the two legislative bodies reconcile any differences it will go to President Bush for his signature, signing it into law.

Or maybe not!

Bush along with his clone, McCain, is opposed to this particular legislation and has threatened a veto. Minnesota’s Senator Amy Klobuchar and Senator Norm Coleman both voted for the GI Bill. Only 2 of our representatives in the House voted against this legislation (Bachmann and Kline). 1st CD Congressman Tim Walz, my representative, voted for the legislation and delivered this speech in support on the floor of congress.


This legislation recognizes the sacrifice of ALL the women and men who have served, including our national guard and reservists who have paid a heavy price in Iraq and Afghanistan. It has strong non-partisan support in Congress and has the support of many veterans organizations, including the VFW and the American Legion. Senator McCain’s legislation is not as generous, would not treat the guard and reserve as equals and would require longer service times to be eligible for full benefits. Some may complain about the cost of this program but if we end our occupation of Iraq we will have plenty of extra cash on hand.

Peace & solidarity,


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Meanwhile, Minnesota prepares to send more men and women to Iraq. Video here.
UPDATE: Minnesota National Guard press release.
Peace & solidarity,

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Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar spent some time in southwest Minnesota the last two days as part of her Main Street tour. In 2007 she visited all of Minnesota’s 87 counties and is planning to do the same this year. Today her agenda included six of those counties and I was able to catch part of her presentation and Q & A in Worthington after I got off work. The Farm Bill, Iraq, the economy, immigration, veteran’s issues etc. were discussed. The event at the Blue Line Cafe attracted a mixture of local citizens, DFL activists, and local media.

I think more people should take the opportunity to visit with Senator Klobuchar. She is to be commended for her effort to meet with constituents and to hear their concerns. I did get a brief opportunity to personally discuss with the Senator the Bush administration’s NLRB and its attack on workers ,and the Employee Free Choice Act. 

When Senator Klobuchar comes to county near you make the effort to see her and hear what she has to say and voice your concerns!


Senator Amy Klobuchar addresses

the crowd at the Blue Line

in Worthington


Peace & solidarity


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It was back in April that Representative Dennis Kucinich introduced H. Res. 333 , the Articles of Impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney.Although hearings have been blocked in the Judiciary Committee by Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Kucinich has announced that on Tuesday, November 6 he will use his right of personal privilege to force a floor vote.  He fully expects a motion to table so it is important to contact your representative in the House and strongly urge them to support H. Res. 333. This will allow debate and put the members of the House of Representatives on record on the impeachment issue.

The following telephone numbers can be used to contact your representative:




View the Robert Greenwald video about Dick Cheney and the Articles of Impeachment at CHC Theater. 

George McGovern’s comments about the Vice President were the subject of a previous post here.

The Democratic leadership should allow this vote to happen! Many of the Democrats will say that it will take up precious time when they could be working on other legislation. They need to review what we have lost in freedoms, liberties, and precious resources and what we will lose by allowing Cheney and the Bush administration to continue to operate unchecked.

Here is the video of Rep. Kucinich explaining the upcoming vote.

Peace & solidarity,


Want to turn the music off? Go to the right and scroll down to CHC Jukebox and click the play/stop button. The current selection is Snake Charmer by The Monks Kitchen. Appropriate, don’t you think?

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Ava Lowery of Peace Takes Courage has just created a new video titled, Confront the War Presidentcontaining  powerful images and a message to join in the effort by United for Peace & Justice to bring about an end to the war in Iraq. Fall out Against the War! is a national mobilization planned for October 27, 2007 in 11 major cities across the United States. Organizers hope to have massive peace demonstrations in Boston, Chicago, Jonesborough, Tenn., Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, Olando, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Seattle. For more information go to http://www.oct27.org/.

Here is another by Ava called, Bring ‘Em on Home that she released in June of 2007.

Peace & solidarity,


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After a lengthy hiatus the Big Dooker of the Week feature is back this week. It is often times difficult to choose because there are so many deserving candidates for the title. Rush Limbaugh was a serious contender with his ‘phony soldiers’ remarks. Over at mnblue you can read reaction to his comments from Brandon Day, secretary of the Minnesota chapter of the Iraq Veterans Against the War. Army of Dude also has some thoughts about Rush.  But I digress.

Known for his ability to flip, flop, straddle, weasel, and spin; this week’s Big Dooker award goes to:

drum roll please

Minnesota’s very own senior Senator,

Norm Coleman


Senator Coleman has been a contender numerous times but this week he shot to the top with his decision to sign on to a proposal that would withdraw troops from Iraq after Bush leaves office in fifteen months. How convenient! Senator Coleman has tried to play the part of the critic of the Bush administration while supporting him with his votes. Senate candidates Al Franken and Mike Ciresi have both released statements condemning this feeble attempt at appearing to be looking for a solution. Read their comments at Minnesota Monitor here and here.

The working stiffs of this country like me are tired of politicians like Norm Coleman trying to sound like they are with us while they are really sticking it to us. Democrats- take note, we voted for change. We are still waiting.

Peace & solidarity,


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What a way to start the day. This morning’s Star Tribune had a picture and story of sixth district Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, GOP, on the front page. I just about choked on my morning coffee. Why the Strib feels obligated to do a touchy-feely  piece about Shrub’s biggest groupie is perplexing. Her recent trip to the Mideast and her proclamation that the surge is working is laughable. Spending a few hours in the Green Zone cowering from the mortar blasts in the distance does not qualify her as an expert. It is fortunate she is in the minority in Congress as is her counterpart in the Senate, Norm Coleman, another cheerleader for President.

more later…


Peace & solidarity,


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Beer, brats, and booms. A lot of that going on today but take time to watch the video of the two Presidential Scholars interviewed on Democracy Now! by Amy Goodman. They were part of a group that confronted the President on torture. I am inspired by their courage, knowledge and conviction. There is hope for keeping our freedoms if these young people continue to speak out. Certainly another reason to celebrate this day.

Peace & solidarity,


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OK, so I missed last week. I make the rules at CornerHouse so this week we will have two Dooker’s. Actually, a tie.

We expect our government agencies and officials to serve us-the public. Many of those people claim to be ‘public servants’,  or like to say they are ‘serving the public’.

Two of Minnesota’s government officials failed the ‘public servant’ test miserably this last week. Of course that would be Minnesota Commissioner of Health, Dianne Mandernach, and her boss, Governor Tim Pawlenty.

Why are they this week’s honorees?

Read on.

From the June 17, 2007 Star-Tribune

The state Health Department found that additional Iron Range miners had a deadly asbestos-related cancer, then sat on the information for a year.

By David Shaffer, Star Tribune

The Minnesota Health Department suppressed research about additional deadly cancers among Iron Range miners for a year, even though a top government scientist warned that the findings raised significant new health issues.

The department discovered in March 2006 that a rare, asbestos-related cancer had stricken 35 more miners than the 17 previously known. All of the miners have died. The state didn’t release the new information until March of this year, a decision that some health experts are now criticizing. Read the entire article here.

The news of Commisioner Manderach’s decision to withhold the information about the 35 additional miners striken with the deadly cancer known as MESOTHELIOMA immediately garnered plenty of criticism. Commisioner Manderach originally defended her actions during an MPR interview on June 18th but then issued an apology on June 20th .

Nine state legislators have sent a letter to the Governor calling for her resignation and the United SteelWorkers have called for legislative and criminal investigations. While the governor has been critical of her actions he said they don’t rise to the “level of termination”. What don’t these people get?  The Minnesota Department of Health has suffered a serious blow to its credibility and precious time was lost to secure funding for further research. Important stakeholders were shut out of the decision making process. Governor Pawlenty should ask for her immediate resignation and make it a priority to find funding instead of playing the GWBush card, ‘I didn’t know so it’s not my fault’. It is his team and he should take full responsibility.Because of their actions Minnesota Commissioner of Health Dianne Manderach and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty are the:

Big Dookers of the Week 


mandernach.jpg               tim-pawlenty.jpg




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The Bush administration and the spineless Congress are intent on stealing the Iraqi’s economic future.

If there ever was any doubt about the reason for the invasion and occupation of Iraq read the following article from Truthout columnist, David Bacon.


 Iraq’s Workers Strike to Keep Their Oil
    By David Bacon
    t r u t h o u t | Columnist

    Saturday 09 June 2007

    The Bush administration has no love for unions anywhere, but in Iraq it has a special reason for hating them. They are the main opposition to the occupation’s economic agenda, and the biggest obstacle to that agenda’s centerpiece – the privatization of Iraq’s oil. At the same time, unions have become the only force in Iraq trying to maintain at least a survival living standard for the millions of Iraqis who still have to go to work every day, in the middle of the war.

    This week, Iraqi anger over starvation incomes and oil ripoffs boiled over. On Monday, June 4, the biggest and strongest of the Iraqi unions, the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions, launched a limited strike to underline its call for keeping oil in public hands, and to force the government to live up to its economic promises. Workers on the pipelines carrying oil from the rigs in the south to Baghdad’s big refinery stopped work. It was a very limited job action, which still allowed the Iraqi economy to function.

    Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki responded by calling out the army and surrounding the strikers at Sheiba, near Basra. Then he issued arrest warrants for the union’s leaders. On Wednesday, June 6, the union postponed the strike until June 11. read full article here.


Several Iraqi labor leaders, including Hashmeya Muhsin Hussein, President of the Electrical Utility Workers Union, General Federation of Iraqi Workers, are in the U.S. at this time with the Iraq Worker Voices Solidarity Tour 2007. Hashmeya Hussien is the first woman in Iraq to lead a major union. Check out schedules, photos, and news reports here.

On June 5th the Tour held a demonstration at BearingPoint (consulting firm that authored Iraq Oil Law), and spoke out at the Cannon Office Building with Congressperson Dennis Kucinich. Bruce Wolf, DC Labor for Peace & Justice/USLAW, OPEIU Local 2 Social Justice Committee, has put together and interesting PhotoShow.

According to the General Union of Oil Employees in Basra website, arrest warrants were still in force on union leaders and a strike is scheduled for Monday, June 11.

Peace & solidarity,


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