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With summer like weather finally here its time to make hay while the sun shines. We have been busy working in the garden and clearing our heads of all the noise from the world events. I have put together a little music video of the results of our labor.





Stay tuned for the sequel!


Peace & solidarity,


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Peace & solidarity,


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I worked some overtime Sunday (Michelle would be proud), and had to drive the 30 miles home on a windswept I-90. After only traveling several miles and seeing 3 vehicles in the median and ditch I knew it would be a slow, stressful, and frustrating trip home. We did not receive any snowfall in SW Minnesota but the combination of 40 mph winds and a temperature hovering around 32 degrees created slippery conditions on most of the highway.

Allow me to make a few observations and points about winter driving in SW Minnesota on I-90.

1.  Please allow plenty of distance between vehicles. This is a prairie interstate not the metro area. There is plenty of room for everyone. I do not appreciate you riding up my ass when you can lose control at any moment.

2.  Do not drive in packs.I know sometimes it is lonely on the interstate out here with nothing but windmills, power-lines, and barren snow covered fields but better to be lonely than part of a multi-car pileup.

3.  Turn your damn lights on!  Yes, it is the middle of the day but with reduced visibility it helps make your vehicle more visible. Oh, yeah, it also is the law.

4.  Do not pass me on the slickest part of the road while you are talking on your cell phone. You can call your friends later when you are waiting for the tow truck to pull you out of the ditch.

OK, that’s enough of my rant. Time to think spring!

Here a few of our garden pictures from last summer to get you in the mood.

everything is coming up daisies



meditation pond



looking for worms


Peace & solidarity,



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This stupid job interview question reared it’s ugly head when the wife of a coworker of mine went to a job interview. Needless to say, it dominated our conversation during an otherwise boring day. What is an appropriate answer to this question? Are there type A and type B trees? Do you have to know the scientific name? If you prefer a shrub would that be OK? Is deciduous better than a conifer?

I have done some quick research and have a few suggestions:

Sassafras-Now that is an interesting name for a tree and it sorta rolls off the tongue.

Norway Spruce-Uff Da, great if the interviewer is Norwegian.

Downy Serviceberry-Duh! Jobs in the service sector.

Mexican Plum, Japanese Zelkova, Chinese Pistache, European Beech-great choices for employment in a multinational company.

Ginkgo-use in the health/organic industry

Joshua Tree-the interviewer is a Bono fan

Oak-show your patriotism by selecting the Oak tree. This is our national tree according to The Arbor Day Foundation. Don’t forget to wear your lapel pin!

My quick-witted spouse had a good question that one could ask the interviewer:

If you had a brain, what would you be?

Plant a tree, offset your CO2 emissions.

Peace & solidarity.


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Flower Power

    yellow bearded iris  

Copyright 2007, Dale Moerke

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