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It’s been a while since my last post and it is still business as usual in Washington D. C.  If politicians are wondering how they can elevate their approval ratings and attract the votes of the working class they can start by holding people accountable for their actions. It happens to us all the time.

Minnesota Central shares opinions about Dennis Kucinich and possible impeachment of the Vice President. Unfortunately the discussion is centered on the process, the probability of success, and the ability of Dennis Kucinich to remove snow. The discussion should be on the merits of the articles of impeachment.

What will be Cheney’s place in history? Perhaps future historians will note that he was able to avoid impeachment because members of Congress were more concerned about their future than the future of the country.

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It was back in April that Representative Dennis Kucinich introduced H. Res. 333 , the Articles of Impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney.Although hearings have been blocked in the Judiciary Committee by Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Kucinich has announced that on Tuesday, November 6 he will use his right of personal privilege to force a floor vote.  He fully expects a motion to table so it is important to contact your representative in the House and strongly urge them to support H. Res. 333. This will allow debate and put the members of the House of Representatives on record on the impeachment issue.

The following telephone numbers can be used to contact your representative:




View the Robert Greenwald video about Dick Cheney and the Articles of Impeachment at CHC Theater. 

George McGovern’s comments about the Vice President were the subject of a previous post here.

The Democratic leadership should allow this vote to happen! Many of the Democrats will say that it will take up precious time when they could be working on other legislation. They need to review what we have lost in freedoms, liberties, and precious resources and what we will lose by allowing Cheney and the Bush administration to continue to operate unchecked.

Here is the video of Rep. Kucinich explaining the upcoming vote.

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Want to turn the music off? Go to the right and scroll down to CHC Jukebox and click the play/stop button. The current selection is Snake Charmer by The Monks Kitchen. Appropriate, don’t you think?

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This is getting hard! McCain is going to Iraq again on Monday for another campaign photo-op, placing the troops who must protect him in harms way. Joe Lieberman is, well he’s just Joe, and the ‘commander guy’ thinks Iraq should look to Israel as a mentor on democracy.

Someone usually stands out and that person this week is the man behind everything in this administration:

Vice President Dick Cheney

always in the shadows 


The Vice President apparently makes up the rules as he goes along. Is he part of the executive branch of government or part of the legislative branch. Maybe it is the Shadow branch?

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Part two of Robert Greenwald’s impeachment video:

more at http://impeachgonzales.org/

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No,  I’m not talking about the now cancelled show that stroked Donald trump’s ego. That is what we the people should be saying to Alberto Gonzales. The Attorney General has no credibility left, if he ever had any.

Robert Greenwald and his team at Brave New Films has produced a short video that  everyone should see.  I agree that impeachment proceedings should be brought against Gonzales. DailyKos has some good comments.  Hell, I think the whole lot should be impeached(Bush, Cheney, Rice).

See the video here: http://impeachgonzales.org/   and sign the petition or watch it in CHC Theater on the right.

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Read a summary of the Articles of Impeachment from the Kucinich website



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