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This is getting hard! McCain is going to Iraq again on Monday for another campaign photo-op, placing the troops who must protect him in harms way. Joe Lieberman is, well he’s just Joe, and the ‘commander guy’ thinks Iraq should look to Israel as a mentor on democracy.

Someone usually stands out and that person this week is the man behind everything in this administration:

Vice President Dick Cheney

always in the shadows 


The Vice President apparently makes up the rules as he goes along. Is he part of the executive branch of government or part of the legislative branch. Maybe it is the Shadow branch?

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There are so many worthy candidates to consider for this honor but Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut came out of nowhere with his John McCain imitation in Iraq today. As I’ve said before, these campaign photo-ops should be paid for out of the candidates re-election funds, not taxpayer funds.

This weeks BIG DOOKER honoree is


Senator Joe Lieberman


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