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More water woes!

GW released his 2009 budget today and one of the casualties was the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System. News reports from KELOTV and the Sioux Falls Argus Leader state that the LCRWS will receive nothing, nada, zilch in the Bush 2009 budget. When completed, Lewis & Clark will provide safe, reliable drinking water to over 300,000 people in the tri-state area. Members in southwest Minnesota include Luverne, Worthington, Rock County Rural Water, and Linclon-Pipestone Rural Water. The project has been backed by 1st CD Rep. Tim Walz, Senator Amy Klobuchar and Senator Norm Coleman and Governor Tim Pawlenty.

I am waiting to see what the reaction from our elected officials in Minnesota will be.

For more budget info go to A Bluestem Prairie for some informative links on other casualties of the Bush budget.

Peace & solidarity


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I have added to my sidebar RSS feeds of recent votes by 1st CD Rep. Tim Walz (DFL), Senator Amy Klobuchar(DFL), and Senator Norm Coleman (GOP). You will find them under the CHC Jukebox on the right.

Peace & Solidarity


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Five years ago on October 25 the labor movement, the State of Minnesota, and the nation lost a great friend and Senator in a tragic airplane crash in northern Minnesota. Sheila Wellstone, his wife and a strong voice on the issue of domestic violence, was also lost along with their daughter, Marcia Wellstone Markuson. Friends and confidants Tom Lapic, Mary McEvoy, and Will McLaughlin also perished.

I remember the day clearly as I was working and a coworker came up to me and asked if I had heard that the Senator’s plane had crashed. I couldn’t believe it and I did not want to believe it. I could think of nothing else the rest of the day and as soon as I punched out I raced to my car to turn on the radio. The news announcer confirmed what I didn’t want to hear. Senator Wellstone had been killed in an airplane crash. It was a long tearful drive home. Our lives would change forever.

I had been blessed to have many opportunities to meet the Senator and his wife Sheila. It was always exciting and energizing. I was always impressed with his decisions to take stands on controversial issues despite the political fallout. Paul Wellstone’s courage on the Iraq War resolution is something we see little of today.

The last time I saw Paul and Sheila Wellstone was in early August of 2002 at the Minnsota AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention in Duluth, Minnesota. It was a happy and exciting time. As usual, Paul had energized the delegates and we were eager to go out and work hard on his re-election.

I had an opportunity to take these pictures at a poolside rally for Senator Wellstone. Please excuse the quality as I had an older digital camera at the time and it was hard to capture the Senator standing still. Click on the pictures for a larger image. For additional information and pictures about Senator Wellstone and his wife Sheila go to the Wellstone Action online archive.

Delegates to the 2002 MN AFL-CIO convention wait poolside for Senator Wellstone. Can you find Paul in the crowd?


This was a familiar sight as Senator Wellstone energizes the crowd!


Alan Netland, President of the Duluth Central Labor Council enjoys a moment with the late Senator Paul Wellstone. Netland now also serves as the President of the Northeast Area Labor Council.


Sheila and Paul Wellstone with Alan Netland at the 2002 MN AFL-CIO convention in Duluth.


Peace & solidarity,


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After a lengthy hiatus the Big Dooker of the Week feature is back this week. It is often times difficult to choose because there are so many deserving candidates for the title. Rush Limbaugh was a serious contender with his ‘phony soldiers’ remarks. Over at mnblue you can read reaction to his comments from Brandon Day, secretary of the Minnesota chapter of the Iraq Veterans Against the War. Army of Dude also has some thoughts about Rush.  But I digress.

Known for his ability to flip, flop, straddle, weasel, and spin; this week’s Big Dooker award goes to:

drum roll please

Minnesota’s very own senior Senator,

Norm Coleman


Senator Coleman has been a contender numerous times but this week he shot to the top with his decision to sign on to a proposal that would withdraw troops from Iraq after Bush leaves office in fifteen months. How convenient! Senator Coleman has tried to play the part of the critic of the Bush administration while supporting him with his votes. Senate candidates Al Franken and Mike Ciresi have both released statements condemning this feeble attempt at appearing to be looking for a solution. Read their comments at Minnesota Monitor here and here.

The working stiffs of this country like me are tired of politicians like Norm Coleman trying to sound like they are with us while they are really sticking it to us. Democrats- take note, we voted for change. We are still waiting.

Peace & solidarity,


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What a way to start the day. This morning’s Star Tribune had a picture and story of sixth district Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, GOP, on the front page. I just about choked on my morning coffee. Why the Strib feels obligated to do a touchy-feely  piece about Shrub’s biggest groupie is perplexing. Her recent trip to the Mideast and her proclamation that the surge is working is laughable. Spending a few hours in the Green Zone cowering from the mortar blasts in the distance does not qualify her as an expert. It is fortunate she is in the minority in Congress as is her counterpart in the Senate, Norm Coleman, another cheerleader for President.

more later…


Peace & solidarity,


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How about that for a catchy post title? I have been working, sleeping and this weekend I cut a hole in my roof. Not much time for sharing my wit and wisdom.   Here are a few things that deserve comment or at least a mention:

Minnesota’s GOP Senator Norm Coleman says the U.S. presence in Iraq will be long-term. He says that is the ‘reality’. That may be his reality but it is not what the American people want. My ‘reality’ is Norm Coleman’s presence in the Senate will be short-term!

Lady-Bird Johnson was put to rest. Plant some flowers.

The Homeland Security guru, Michael Chertoff, inspires confidence in our government with his gut feeling about a terrorist attack this summer. Shut down the CIA, NSA, FBI and any other intelligence gathering agencies. Just think of the money saved. As usual, Olbermann has a comment. 

Benchmarks– Less than 50 per cent met and the White House is still confident they will meet their goals. Maybe they have a gut feeling.

Wisconsin woman on trial for reading names of war dead: Joy First of Monona, Wisconsin is on trial in Washington D.C. with six co-defendants. They are charged with unlawful conduct for reading names of war dead and setting up cardboard tombstones in the Hart Senate office building on March 29. Read her statement here. I agree with her- the real criminals should be on trial.

Peace & solidarity,


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