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If you want to do a compare and contrast about card check and the secret ballot method of organizing a union in the workplace, Workday Minnesota’s recent post, Videos about the Employee Free Choice Act, offers two informative videos produced by the University of Minnesota Labor Education Service.


The first one shows a successful voluntary card check while the second is a grim reminder of how poorly the present system works.






There has been much hysteria about the Employee Free Choice Act and many in the main stream media have been too lazy to find out what works and what doesn’t work. Or, maybe they just don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them.


Corporate America has amassed a huge war chest to campaign against the Employee Free Choice Act. In an effort to get the truth out about this critical legislation the AFL-CIO has established the Turn Around America Fund. Please consider a contribution today. Help bring prosperity to all of America.



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Sign the petition here


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Wellstone Action today announced a redesigned website. The new site incorporates a resource library for organizing tools, a blog, photo and video library, an alumni hub plus many of the old features including a training calendar for Camp Wellstone. Wellstone Action has been around since January of 2003 when it was founded to honor Paul and Sheila Wellstone.

From the website:

Wellstone Action is a national center for training and leadership development for the progressive movement. Founded in January 2003, Wellstone Action’s mission is to honor the legacy of Paul and Sheila Wellstone by continuing their work through training, educating, mobilizing and organizing a vast network of progressive individuals and organizations.
I have had the opportunity to know a number of graduates of Camp Wellstone and have seen the positive results of their training. There is also a ton of information about campaigns and elections available on the site.
Here is a video that is featured on the banner of the home page and has some great clips (including one from 1984 at 4:49) of the late Senator Paul Wellstone.
Peace & solidarity

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The effort to unionize the staff at the Minnesota AG’s office has been going on for some time now but this last week has seen a resurgence in news about the organizing drive and Attorney General Lori Swanson’s efforts to quash it.

The office of Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson is riven by fear, politicization, low morale, intimidation tactics and constant turnover, which led to a unionization drive and has now been further aggravated by the management’s reaction to the effort.

That is the opening paragraph from Eric Black at MinnPost.com in his recent column, Staffers detail climate of stress, politicization in AG’s office.

MPR also covers the story and has audio while Workday Minnesota reports: Organizing in Attorney Generals office garners international attention.  LabourStart.org has made the unionizing effort one of its current campaigns.

The organizers at the AG’s office has a blog where they post updates at: AG Organizing Update

AFSCME Council 5 posted this on their website:

Call Attorney General Lori Swanson immediately at 651-296-6196.  Tell her to stop union busting and recognize the union chosen by her attorneys.Also, call the legislators who appropriate funds for the Attorney General’s Office: Senator Don Betzold (651-296-2556) and Representative Phyllis Kahn (651-296-4257).  Tell them not to fund the Attorney General’s union-busting activity.  

 You can also participate by going to LabourStart and send an email to AG Lori Swanson.

Yours truly also has some comments in: A Message to Attorney General Lori Swanson

Peace & solidarity, CHC  

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Thanks to Eric Lee over at LabourStart  for bringing to our attention this video from Australia:

Manic Times asks ‘What Have The Unions Ever Done For Us?’


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Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar spent some time in southwest Minnesota the last two days as part of her Main Street tour. In 2007 she visited all of Minnesota’s 87 counties and is planning to do the same this year. Today her agenda included six of those counties and I was able to catch part of her presentation and Q & A in Worthington after I got off work. The Farm Bill, Iraq, the economy, immigration, veteran’s issues etc. were discussed. The event at the Blue Line Cafe attracted a mixture of local citizens, DFL activists, and local media.

I think more people should take the opportunity to visit with Senator Klobuchar. She is to be commended for her effort to meet with constituents and to hear their concerns. I did get a brief opportunity to personally discuss with the Senator the Bush administration’s NLRB and its attack on workers ,and the Employee Free Choice Act. 

When Senator Klobuchar comes to county near you make the effort to see her and hear what she has to say and voice your concerns!


Senator Amy Klobuchar addresses

the crowd at the Blue Line

in Worthington


Peace & solidarity


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Lately you mave have seen or heard alot in the media about the upcoming vote on the Employee Free Choice Act. Unions and anti-union business groups have been  doing intense lobbying on Capitol  Hill and in the home states of  the undecided or uncommitted. Democrats have an opportunity to show where they stand to the people who helped elect them. Republicans have an opportunity to embrace the principle of playing fair and vote for the EFCA. Some will but most will not. The EFCA will give workers a chance to organize without fear of reprisals and delayed contract negotiations. Republican leadership likes to say that this is an afront to democracy because the legislation allows employees to form unions by signing cards authorizing union representation instead of the ‘secret ballot’. Well, we all know how well they like to manipulate elections and of course, if they cannot manipulate a union representation election then it must not be ‘democratic’. This legislation may not pass and if it does I am sure the ‘commander guy’ would veto it. It must come to a vote so that the working class will know who is on their side.

Click on the button below for info on the EFCA. You will be able to access co-sponsor information, FAQ’s, the text of the legislation, links to take action, and personal stories from working people trying to form unions.


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