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Goodbye 2007


Hello 2008

Well, I could ruminate about the past year like thousands of others but one thing about December 31 that is constant with me and my spouse is our oldest daughters birthday. Of course it was a special New Years Eve for us. She was a beautiful baby (aren’t they all?) and as I held her in my arms I imagined all sorts of wonderful things that she could and would experience. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would someday watch her march off to war. As a parent it was a very difficult moment. Anger, anxiety, fear, and sleeplessness were part of my daily routine. I also felt pride knowing that the Army had a hard working, honest, liberal woman (yes, liberals also fight the war on terror) in their midst doing a great job representing her state and community. We were happy to see her return safely and were proud but not surprised that she received an Army Commendation medal for her actions in Iraq.

She is moving forward with her life as thousands of others like her are, but this war, this occupation, continues to linger on and on. If I were to pick a top story for 2007 it would have to be war in Iraq. While the mainstream media is tired of it and the presidential candidates choose to make up their own top issues it continues to sap our resources and Americans and Iraqis continue to die.

Our New Year’s Resolution this year, as in years past, is to do what we can to bring all the soldiers home!



Peace & Solidarity


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Richard Clarke, chief counter-terrorism adviser on the U.S. National Security Council under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush dismantles the President’s theory that the terrorists will “follow us home”. Read his op-ed in the NY Daily News.

Peace & solidarity

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