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When the great American Bison roamed the prairie centuries ago they did not have to worry about getting smucked by a car. On Wednesday, January 16, a bison from the Prairie Heights Bison herd apparently wandered out of a gate that was accidentally left open. It was hit by a car as it crossed the Historic King of Trails, U. S. Highway 75. The driver of the car was not injured but the bison was disposed of.

Prairie Heights Bison is located in southwest Minnesota and is north of Luverne. John (a local veterinarian) and Jeanne Bowron are the owners of PHB which is west of Blue Mounds State Park, which has its own bison herd. The Bowron’s offer tours of their herd and commercially sell the bison meat. Check out their site for details and fun bison facts.

Luverne native and world renowned photographer, Jim Brandenburg, has often photographed the bison and has captured some great images which can be previewed and ordered from his website , or by visiting the Brandenburg Gallery in Luverne, Minnesota. The gallery is also the headquarters for the Brandenburg Prairie Foundation which I wrote about in a previous post.


buffalo rub on Sioux quartzite

at Touch the Sky Prairie


Listen to the bison.

Thanks to Nancy for asking the question.

Peace & solidarity


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walking through the tall native bluestem grass

Walking through the tall native bluestem prairie grass

A friend of mine recently emailed me inquiring about the location of the scene in the header of this blog. The photograph was taken by me two years ago at an open house and tour for Touch the Sky Prairie, located north of Luverne, Minnesota.

This project to preserve the native prairie is located on approximately 800 acres in Rock county and is a collaboration of the Brandenburg Prairie Foundation and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Blandin Foundation, Southwest Minnesota Foundation, the community of Luverne and others have also been active in making this project a reality.

Jim Brandenburg, the founder of the Brandenburg Prairie Foundation, is a world renown nature photographer and a native of Luverne. You may recognize his name for the work he has done for National Geographic and numerous other publications. If you go to his website you will see examples of his work and you will see the vast difference between my photos and the work of a professional artist. Minnesota Public Radio has audio and pictures from a 2006 interview with Brandenburg. There are also additional links for more information on this subject.

The prairie ecosystem is very fragile and needs to be preserved. Touch the Sky Prairie is part of the Northern Tallgrass Prairie which represents less than 1 per cent of the original Midwestern tallgrass prairie.

The photo at the top of this post shows how tall the bluestem prairie grass can get and it had not yet fully matured. Bluestem can grow up to eight feet tall. Imagine traveling through that in a covered wagon.

If you would like to help the cause contact:

Brandenburg Prairie Foundation

c/o Brandenburg Gallery, 211 E Main Street, Luverne, Mn 56156

Peace & solidarity

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