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Christmas day is fast approaching and many are wondering if their Christmas wishes will come true. Retailers are hoping for a boost in sales, Senate Democrats are hoping to keep their act together and pass health care legislation, children are hoping they were good enough for Santa and families in Minnesota are bracing for a major winter storm and hoping it won’t totally ruin their Christmas celebrations.

For some families, a winter storm is the least of their worries. Last week  I struck up a conversation with a recently hired co-worker. He was a short fellow with an ever-present smile and eager to do his share of work. His english was broken but still good enough that we could converse. A recent immigrant to the U.S., he and his wife and many other families have relocated to Worthington from a refugee camp in Thailand where he spent the last ten years of his life. He is a native of Karen, a region in southeastern Burma bordering Thailand. His two sons are in Canada and he still has a daughter in a refuge camp in Thailand. Other family members are now in Australia. Of course our conversation turned to politics and government and he did not hesitate to show his disdain for the Burmese government and the military junta control over virtually everything. He also made sure that I understood that he was Karen, proud of it, and that there was a difference.

The Karen people have sought independence from Burma since 1949. Charges of ethnic cleansing and religious persecution have been leveled at the Burmese government, now known as the Republic of Myanmar. The Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) has been documenting the plight of the Karen people for over 17 years and has a wealth of information in the form of reports, pictures and video on its website. KHRG also can be found on Facebook and Twitter. 

My Christmas wish? Health and happiness to all my family and friends, a world without war and a future where my new union brother will be able to reunite his entire family.

Kawthoolei is the name used by the Karen people for the state they wish to establish. It has several possible meanings: Flowerland, Land without Evil, and The Land Burnt Black. Whatever its meaning, I know that it is a beautiful country ravaged by war.

 Here is a video of  traditional Karen music:

Here is a video with a series of clips. Beautiful, interesting and sad.

Peace & solidarity,



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Seasons Greetings


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my family to yours.


Peace & solidarity,



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Black Friday is history. The masses have made their pilgrimage to the big box retailers, faithfully lining up before dawn to convert their paychecks into mass produced, foreign-made false idols. If you were not one of the masses or simply procrastinate there are other options for Christmas shoppers. Minnesota 2020 is a progressive think tank that has put together a Made in Minnesota gift guide to shopping that features Minnesota businesses. Lee Egerstrom, a Minnesota 2020 Fellow, has written a report on the positive effects of buying local. Read the article here.

Here are a few other links to Minnesota businesses that also are represented by union labor or are friends of labor:

http://www.unionhouse.com:80/  Check out the clothing deals from Max

http://www.northlandposter.com/ Posters, notecards, buttons, bumperstickers, etc., featuring artwork by Ricardo Levins Morales.

If you look outside of Minnesota check out these Made In America/Union Label sites:




Fair Trade Products:


For books and video:


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