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Chicago based company, Republic Windows, shut down its operations on Friday, December 5, after giving employees just a three day notice. Workers  have occupied the plant since the shutdown and plan on staying there until they see some justice. The company has said that Bank of America will not let them honor their commitments to the employees. The Chicago Tribune reports that Bank of America said in a statement that it isn’t responsible for Republic’s financial obligations to its employees.

Perhaps that is what Congress should have said to B of A when they had their hand out. We are not responsible for your financial obligations!

Republic Windows also needs to come clean on when it knew it was going to have to eventually shut its doors. It is just to easy for Republic Windows  and Bank of America to point the finger of blame at each other while the worker gets screwed. 

Read the Chicago Tribune story, watch the video below and take action to hold Bank of America accountable by clicking on this link to send an email to the bank that got 25 Billion from us taxpaying folks so there lives wouldn’t be disturbed.




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