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AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka delivered this fiery speech at the United Steelworkers convention in July of this year. Take the time to watch it. It is worth it.



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On November 28 two workers died as a result of an explosion and fire at an Enbridge Energy oil pipeline terminal in Clearbrook, MN.

On December 1st, just two days later, at the Marathon Oil refinery in St. Paul Park, MN an explosion and fire at a 10,000 barrel tank claimed the life of another worker. 

Our sympathy goes out to the families and coworkers of all three employees who gave their lives for their job.

It is frustrating and disappointing that with the technology available and the really deep pockets of the oil industry that these tragedies still happen. WorkdayMinnesota has a story about oil refinery hazards and the efforts of the United Steelworkers union to raise awareness and encourage action to prevent further tragic accidents. The USW recently released a report from an extensive survey they did about Process Safety Management in the oil industry. While I must confess I have not read the entire 108 page report yet it shows the need for more emphasis on the industry to comply with the PSM standard that was implemented in 1992 by OSHA. Progress has been slow since the 2005 Texas City, Texas refinery blast that killed 15 and injured over 100 people. The USW report shows that the lessons learned from Texas City are not being widely implemented.

The Sky Blue Waters Report, a blog written by Tom Elko, has an informative piece about oil pipeline expansions and safety.

There is much more to write on this subject but I will get to that later.

Good night!

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